Wednesday, June 24, 2009

My Colleagues

For the past day and a half I have been sitting with colleagues from around the region AND Jamaica. My head hurts from thinking and my face hurts from laughing. As we discuss Parker Palmer and Art Costa and Bob Marzano and our own experiences with learners and transformation, I realize I am profoundly impacted by my relationship with these intelligent and visionary people. Each month most of us meet for four hours face-to-face; we also communicate via email and ichat and... Enthusiasm permeates our work and a synergy exists that I haven't experienced since I worked in good ole' St. Charles, Minnesota under the leadership of Hank Welle, the focus of my last blog. I am lucky that I have these people in my life to challenge my thinking, encourage me in my choices, validate my work, and make me laugh and enjoy the world we create. I'll think more of this but now I have to go process with them...

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  1. You're lucky here. As teachers, there are so many oportunities for doubts and doldrums to set in. Interesting you mentioned Parker Palmer. I'd never heard of him until we got our first submitted piece at We Teach We Learn from a gal who feels refreshed after a Parker Palmer retreat in AZ.

    Enjoy your collaboration!