Wednesday, August 26, 2009


One evening during the summer, a student called me at home. This student, a girl with Attitude (notice the capital A), reported that she had done really well in a CNA class at the local technical college. Wanting to get a job, she asked if I knew how to create a resume. We agreed to meet, and we created a resume for her. I don't know if she got a job, but she made my day by calling. What really made my day? I'll tell you. There were two things. The first was the fact that this smart young woman who in the past has seen school as an uncaring institution and teachers as enemies called me, and she called me at home. The second was that this young woman realized for the first time what I had told her last year--she is really smart. Her college instructor encouraged her to pursue a career in nursing, something that requires a four-year degree.

New Year Strand

Although it's not the beginning of the calendar year, it IS the beginning of my year. Another school year starts NOW. I'm going to focus on the moments during this year that make me smile. Maybe that way I'll post more regularly!